EnviroPure Food Waste Systems

There are certain things that you can’t avoid in the food service industry, whether it’s a restaurant, university, or hospital. One of the biggest hassles to deal with is food waste; it’s heavy, smelly, costly to dispose of, and just messy. Whether you compost, dehydrate, or use a pulpier, there is always the question of getting rid of it. But now, thanks to T&S and their EnviroPure Systems, there is a solution.

EnviroPure works by turning food waste into water in an organic manner that makes it safe to wash down the drain, or be stored for use in landscaping projects. What sounds like a very complex and time consuming process can be done in just a few steps and within 24 hours.

The EnviroPure system works similarly to how your body digests food. First, it mechanically breaks down waste into smaller particles with a commercial grinding system, located in your kitchen. The food continues down the drain where it’s stored in a vessel, which acts like a stomach and continues to digest the food into smaller piece with the help from the BioMix blend. This micro-nutrient solution enables a rapid break down of the food waste. When the particles are small enough, they pass through the filter system. The screen on the filter system blocks out the larger particles, so they continue to break down. The remains then pass through the filter, and exit the system as grey water. Grey water is relatively clean waste water that isn’t recommended for human consumption, but can be safely disposed of in the municipal sewer system or stored for use in landscaping irrigation.

In 24 hours, the EnviroPure system has converts 14,000 pounds of food waste, into water. This system can handle any type of food waste including bones, shells, and pits.  Because the filter is self-cleaning, you never have to remove filthy food sludge from the system. The only cleaning required is the collection of non-organic products that don’t break down naturally. Because the EnviroPure System has no hourly capacity, and can be custom build to fit into any kitchen, it is the perfect food waste system for any large volume production facilities.

For any question or specifics on how the EnviroPure system works, contact your Woolsey representative today.