Traulsen Innovations

Traulsen’s newest ideas for innovations on their R &A series come from their everyday customers. After surveying their customers, Traulsen compiled the information and on focused on a few key innovations that their customers asked for. These innovations are sure to make Traulsen an industry leader in and out of the kitchen!

The EZ-Clean Gasket is a replacement to the typical PVC gaskets, and features many improvements compared to its predecessor. With a one fold design, there are no small gaps in the gasket that would previously need to be cleaned. The new gasket is made of a material called Santoprene, making it easy to clean with just a cloth and sanitizer. Santoprene also increases the life of the gasket by up to 50 percent.

Bare-Tube Coils replace the use of typical fins in a condenser. By using a spherical shape there is no place for dust or dirt to stick on to the coil. This enables the condenser to maintain maximum performance.  With their streamlined shape, the coils improve air flow into the condenser, which in turn extends the life of the compressor. In the past, finned coils could become blocked from improper cleaning, or by dirt build up making the equipment run less efficiently.

The EZ-Open Foot Pedal is exactly what it sounds like, a foot pedal that opens the door. By adding a foot pedal to the bottom of the cabinet, you can simply step on a lever to open the door. Never worry about dropping food again by trying to balance the food in one hand and open the door with the other.


Finally, Traulsen added the EZ-Change Interior Shelving which can also be retrofitted on to the G-Series line. One of the many benefits of this system is the shelves can be moved around with only your hand, quickly and easily. Also, all the pilasters are removable and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and sanitation. Even with these new improvements the shelves keep their original strength, holding up to 75 pounds, with the heavy duty option holding up to 150 pounds.


With these revolutionary and simple improvements, Traulsen is sure to remain an industry leader in customer service and technology enhancement.  If you would li