Waring New Products

Pizza Ovens:
Waring offers two styles of pizza oven, a single and double deck, or a separated compartment double oven. All of these ovens feature similar qualities such as: a ceramic deck that can hold an 18 inch diameter pizza, independent switches for top and bottom heating elements, and a one year warranty. You can also stack the single deck unit. This is the perfect pizza oven to add to established kitchens, or as a place to start.


Electric Knife:
The new electric knife is sure to be an industry leader, featuring a cordless design with interchangeable blades. The rechargeable lithium ion battery allows the knife to be operated for hours. Its ergonomically designed handle was made to feel comfortable in your hand, and minimize fatigue after hours of operation.  Additionally, a LED light has been integrated into the front of handle for improved visibility during low light operation.

Featuring two models of microwaves, Waring has the size to fit all of your needs. The smaller 120V/1000W model has a .9 cubic feet interior, along with 5 power levels. The larger 1.2 cubic feet microwaves features dual magnetos that produce 208V and 230V, to ensure even cooking throughout. Both feature a key pad with 10 programmable buttons, that can be programmed with 100 different settings.


3-Cup Spice Grinder:
This spice grinder has a powerful 1 horsepower commercial grade motor in a die-cast housing, with a 3-cup stainless steel container and clear lid. The clear lid makes it perfect for processing up to a cup and half of sauces or pastes. Continuous ON operation, with pulse activation allows you to achieve the perfect blend of ingredients every time. The Waring 3-cup grinder has the power and fineness to give you the perfect blend, no matter how hard the spice.

Vacuum Sealer:
Waring’s Vacuum Sealer System is prefect for every kitchen that wants to lower cost related to: food spoilage, freeze burn, or just wants to keep food fresher longer. A pistol style vacuum makes it remarkably nimble and convenient to use. The vacuum is stored in its enclose case which charges the battery, and includes a place to hold the vacuum seal bags. Paired with a high performance battery the vacuum is capable of sealing up to 50 bags in a single charge. The bags are very versatile being both microwave and boil safe, making this the perfect system for the Sous-Vide cooking method.

Waffle Cone Maker:
Homemade waffle cones are now quick and simple to make with Waring’s new Waffle Cone Maker. The single model is capable of making 60 waffle cones in an hour, or the double that can make 120 in the same amount of time.  Both models include a rolling tool to perfectly shape the waffle cones. The Waffle Cone Maker is very similar to a normal Belgian waffle maker, both featuring a rotary cooking method to ensure an even finish. The cooking surface is triple coated to form a non-stick surface for easy removal and clean up. With an adjustable bake control knob, you can use any recipe and get perfect results. Having lights and audio alerts to signal when Waffle Cone Maker is hot and when the waffle cone is done cooking. With all these features, Waring gives you the ability to make a perfect waffle cone every single time.


Sous Vide:
Sous Vide is a cooking method where you place a sealed bag in boil water to perfect cook food and lock in all the rich natural flavors and nutrients. This method is very popular in European countries, with consistent performance and fresher food.


Panini Gelato Press:
In just 8 seconds' time, the Panini Gelato Press bakes and seals a warm sweet bun filled with creamy frozen gelato, ice cream or frozen yogurt, and flavorful texturized toppings. The non-stick coated plates are hot enough to warm the bread and seal the edges quickly, so the gelato remains frozen. With Waring’s high-performance equipment, accompanied by quality ingredients from PreGel, the panini gelato is easy to add to your menu


Coming Soon! Chocolate Melter:
Waring’s new Chocolate Melter has an easy to read LED displace screen that shows: heating temperatures, probe temperature, with a ready indicator so you never burn chocolate again.