National Food Safety Month – Week 3 Thawing and Holding

Woolsey Associates is your partner in continuing safe food handling practices through your kitchen.

Proper methods for thawing include refrigeration, cool running water, microwave if cooking immediately after, and as part of the cooking process.

Traulsen refrigeration offers energy efficiency in refrigerators, freezers, prep tables, and even blast chillers. Choose the right refrigerator for your kitchen.

T&S Brass has faucets and other products for every operation from foodservice to hospitality to healthcare. They will even create or adapt a product directly for your needs when possible, with the highest possible quality and service. Choose your operation type and view available products here. 

Waring Commercial has many counter top units for foodservice, especially featuring their new microwaves. The sturdy stainless steel ovens come in two sizes with programmable settings and flexibility to save time and energy. 

Cambro offers many solutions for this phase of the process. Drain and thaw food properly with Cambro colanders and drain shelves. Liquids drain directly into the pans below, ideal for storing and defrosting seafood and meats. Keep food covered and temperatures maintained with a food or salad bar to protect food from contaminants.

Temperature. Temperature. Temperature. Always remember to keep on top of your temperature management with Cooper Atkins Accurate for Life, HACCP Management, and NotifEye Systems. Check food temperatures every 4 hours and toss foods that are not under 41 degrees F or above 135 degrees F. 

All part of the Vulcan umbrella, Wittco, Crimsco and Vulcan, have combined to make exceptional cabinets and warmers. Many are energy start qualified and are all designed to keep foods at the proper temperatures while remaining delicious. Vulcan also offers every type of device used for cooking you could need, from ranges to fryers to combi ovens to steamers, their equipment is built to last. 

Take the Week 3 Thawing & Storage Quiz to be entered to win a storage prize package from our manufacturers.

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