National Food Safety Month – Week 4 Preparation

Woolsey Associates is your partner in continuing safe food handling practices through your kitchen.

Preparation happens in every area of the kitchen. Pull out your Cambro High Heat storage pans that you have been using for storage and use them for warming or holding. Coldfest pans are insulated round and square containers ideal for use on food bars and buffets. Always make sure dishes are clean when ready for use with the unique closed Cambro dishracks so you can store them with confidence. Catering off site? Take a CamKiosk hand sink cart along to encourage employee hygiene. 

One easy way for contamination to enter your kitchen is through ice usage. Don’t reuse ice that has been used to keep food cold first. Make ice from water that is safe for drinking. Always use clean and sanitized containers and scoops for storage and dispensing. Cambro sliding lid ice caddies are insulated and will not crack, dent, or break. A recessed well and drain shelf is included to keep ice out of water and for easier drainage. 

Whether you need to slice, dice, chop, or wedge, Edlund has the tool for you! Slice any vegetable, even a full head of lettuce on the ARC standard or XL. Anything that fits can be sliced! A customer can taste the difference between an in-house sliced or wedged French fry and a purchased one. Why not cut all your fries in house with the Titan Max Cut and save on food cost! Safety is important to Edlund. They have engineered these slicers in such a way that the employee never has to come in contact with the sharp edges of the slicer. Edlund also knows that you need to easily clean all of these items. No problem, they’ll go through the dishwasher! See the rest of the kitchen prep line here.

Waring XPREP blenders have the strongest motor in its class. Use this blender to bust through even the toughest ingredients in the prep kitchen.  Waring’s standard in quality extends to immersion blenders, juicers, vacuum sealing systems and induction burners and much more, for all types of recipes.

Cadco countertop convection ovens are perfect for specialty menus and small batch baking. View them in action here.

Vulcan cooking equipment covers all types of cooking, from ranges to steamers to kettle to fryers to ovens, etc. View them all here. Focused on innovation, Vulcan has most recently announced the simple to use Combi oven and low water steamer. Innovations in user experience as well as in energy and efficiency are top priorities, we’ll help you compare to your existing equipment.

Don’t overlook quality kitchen matting for the safety of all of your staff as they prep, fry, steam, and deliver food as well as your guests in the front of the house. Choose Apex anti-fatigue matting, heavy duty matting for grease and oil protection, carpet entrance matting, and even custom logo matting. Keep cross contamination out of your kitchen with Apex color-coded cutting boards. Keep your staffinvested in food safety and prep running smoothly. 

For larger operations, Hobart offers slicers, mixers, grinders, food processors and more! 
Clean it all up with Hobart dishwashers. Hobart’s reputation in under counters, door type machines, glass washers, conveyors, and the flight type machine assures your operation of a quality dishwasher for years to come. Proper washing and care for prep items is key to keeping your kitchen running smoothly.

Take the Week 4 Preparation Quiz to be entered to win a storage prize package from our manufacturers.

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