National Food Safety Month - Week 1 Receiving

National Food Safety Month was created in 1994 to heighten the awareness about the importance of food safety education. Each year a new theme and free training activities and posters are created for the restaurant and foodservice industry to help reinforce proper food safety practices and procedures. Visit Food Safety Month for more information.

Food safety begins at the receiving dock. While it is important to inspect every item that is delivered, the top 5 that can escalate quickly to a dangerous level are live shellfish, shucked shellfish, shell eggs, milk, and frozen foods. The following chart points out important temperatures and characteristics of food that is ok to receive.

Woolsey Associates can help with equipment for proper receiving and storage!

The ERS series scales by Edlund are the latest in heavy-duty,  portable receiving scales. Choose between plug-in, AA battery operation, or rechargeable battery pack option for ultimate versatility, includes a large LCD display. Choose from large and extra-large stainless steel platforms with 60-300lb capacity.

In the receiving process, it’s important to transfer perishable food out of its shipping container and into storage containers to ensure food quality and stop bacteria and pets before entering the kitchen. Cambro has you covered with service carts for transport, shelving and dunnage racks for storage, warewashing, and most importantly all types of food pans, boxes, crispers, and bins for every ingredient. Cambro Food Storage Overview

Cooper Atkins has you covered with Accurate for Life digital thermometers. Check every product that comes through the door without having to worry about field adjusting and accuracy of your thermometer. These thermometers have a guaranteed lifetime warranty and come in various styles.

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EnviroPure Food Waste Systems

There are certain things that you can’t avoid in the food service industry, whether it’s a restaurant, university, or hospital. One of the biggest hassles to deal with is food waste; it’s heavy, smelly, costly to dispose of, and just messy. Whether you compost, dehydrate, or use a pulpier, there is always the question of getting rid of it. But now, thanks to T&S and their EnviroPure Systems, there is a solution.

EnviroPure works by turning food waste into water in an organic manner that makes it safe to wash down the drain, or be stored for use in landscaping projects. What sounds like a very complex and time consuming process can be done in just a few steps and within 24 hours.

The EnviroPure system works similarly to how your body digests food. First, it mechanically breaks down waste into smaller particles with a commercial grinding system, located in your kitchen. The food continues down the drain where it’s stored in a vessel, which acts like a stomach and continues to digest the food into smaller piece with the help from the BioMix blend. This micro-nutrient solution enables a rapid break down of the food waste. When the particles are small enough, they pass through the filter system. The screen on the filter system blocks out the larger particles, so they continue to break down. The remains then pass through the filter, and exit the system as grey water. Grey water is relatively clean waste water that isn’t recommended for human consumption, but can be safely disposed of in the municipal sewer system or stored for use in landscaping irrigation.

In 24 hours, the EnviroPure system has converts 14,000 pounds of food waste, into water. This system can handle any type of food waste including bones, shells, and pits.  Because the filter is self-cleaning, you never have to remove filthy food sludge from the system. The only cleaning required is the collection of non-organic products that don’t break down naturally. Because the EnviroPure System has no hourly capacity, and can be custom build to fit into any kitchen, it is the perfect food waste system for any large volume production facilities.

For any question or specifics on how the EnviroPure system works, contact your Woolsey representative today.

Traulsen Innovations

Traulsen’s newest ideas for innovations on their R &A series come from their everyday customers. After surveying their customers, Traulsen compiled the information and on focused on a few key innovations that their customers asked for. These innovations are sure to make Traulsen an industry leader in and out of the kitchen!

The EZ-Clean Gasket is a replacement to the typical PVC gaskets, and features many improvements compared to its predecessor. With a one fold design, there are no small gaps in the gasket that would previously need to be cleaned. The new gasket is made of a material called Santoprene, making it easy to clean with just a cloth and sanitizer. Santoprene also increases the life of the gasket by up to 50 percent.

Bare-Tube Coils replace the use of typical fins in a condenser. By using a spherical shape there is no place for dust or dirt to stick on to the coil. This enables the condenser to maintain maximum performance.  With their streamlined shape, the coils improve air flow into the condenser, which in turn extends the life of the compressor. In the past, finned coils could become blocked from improper cleaning, or by dirt build up making the equipment run less efficiently.

The EZ-Open Foot Pedal is exactly what it sounds like, a foot pedal that opens the door. By adding a foot pedal to the bottom of the cabinet, you can simply step on a lever to open the door. Never worry about dropping food again by trying to balance the food in one hand and open the door with the other.


Finally, Traulsen added the EZ-Change Interior Shelving which can also be retrofitted on to the G-Series line. One of the many benefits of this system is the shelves can be moved around with only your hand, quickly and easily. Also, all the pilasters are removable and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and sanitation. Even with these new improvements the shelves keep their original strength, holding up to 75 pounds, with the heavy duty option holding up to 150 pounds.


With these revolutionary and simple improvements, Traulsen is sure to remain an industry leader in customer service and technology enhancement.  If you would li

Waring New Products

Pizza Ovens:
Waring offers two styles of pizza oven, a single and double deck, or a separated compartment double oven. All of these ovens feature similar qualities such as: a ceramic deck that can hold an 18 inch diameter pizza, independent switches for top and bottom heating elements, and a one year warranty. You can also stack the single deck unit. This is the perfect pizza oven to add to established kitchens, or as a place to start.


Electric Knife:
The new electric knife is sure to be an industry leader, featuring a cordless design with interchangeable blades. The rechargeable lithium ion battery allows the knife to be operated for hours. Its ergonomically designed handle was made to feel comfortable in your hand, and minimize fatigue after hours of operation.  Additionally, a LED light has been integrated into the front of handle for improved visibility during low light operation.

Featuring two models of microwaves, Waring has the size to fit all of your needs. The smaller 120V/1000W model has a .9 cubic feet interior, along with 5 power levels. The larger 1.2 cubic feet microwaves features dual magnetos that produce 208V and 230V, to ensure even cooking throughout. Both feature a key pad with 10 programmable buttons, that can be programmed with 100 different settings.


3-Cup Spice Grinder:
This spice grinder has a powerful 1 horsepower commercial grade motor in a die-cast housing, with a 3-cup stainless steel container and clear lid. The clear lid makes it perfect for processing up to a cup and half of sauces or pastes. Continuous ON operation, with pulse activation allows you to achieve the perfect blend of ingredients every time. The Waring 3-cup grinder has the power and fineness to give you the perfect blend, no matter how hard the spice.

Vacuum Sealer:
Waring’s Vacuum Sealer System is prefect for every kitchen that wants to lower cost related to: food spoilage, freeze burn, or just wants to keep food fresher longer. A pistol style vacuum makes it remarkably nimble and convenient to use. The vacuum is stored in its enclose case which charges the battery, and includes a place to hold the vacuum seal bags. Paired with a high performance battery the vacuum is capable of sealing up to 50 bags in a single charge. The bags are very versatile being both microwave and boil safe, making this the perfect system for the Sous-Vide cooking method.

Waffle Cone Maker:
Homemade waffle cones are now quick and simple to make with Waring’s new Waffle Cone Maker. The single model is capable of making 60 waffle cones in an hour, or the double that can make 120 in the same amount of time.  Both models include a rolling tool to perfectly shape the waffle cones. The Waffle Cone Maker is very similar to a normal Belgian waffle maker, both featuring a rotary cooking method to ensure an even finish. The cooking surface is triple coated to form a non-stick surface for easy removal and clean up. With an adjustable bake control knob, you can use any recipe and get perfect results. Having lights and audio alerts to signal when Waffle Cone Maker is hot and when the waffle cone is done cooking. With all these features, Waring gives you the ability to make a perfect waffle cone every single time.


Sous Vide:
Sous Vide is a cooking method where you place a sealed bag in boil water to perfect cook food and lock in all the rich natural flavors and nutrients. This method is very popular in European countries, with consistent performance and fresher food.


Panini Gelato Press:
In just 8 seconds' time, the Panini Gelato Press bakes and seals a warm sweet bun filled with creamy frozen gelato, ice cream or frozen yogurt, and flavorful texturized toppings. The non-stick coated plates are hot enough to warm the bread and seal the edges quickly, so the gelato remains frozen. With Waring’s high-performance equipment, accompanied by quality ingredients from PreGel, the panini gelato is easy to add to your menu


Coming Soon! Chocolate Melter:
Waring’s new Chocolate Melter has an easy to read LED displace screen that shows: heating temperatures, probe temperature, with a ready indicator so you never burn chocolate again.